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  • We would like to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year.  We are so happy to continue supporting our staff and students in academic success!!

    Our Mission Statement:  Work hard, achieve success


    Dual Language     DUAL LANGUAGE MEETING - 3/14 @ 5:30


    FUND THE ARTS 3/15



        3/25 - 4/5




    Registration is open for KidScape Productions afterschool Improv club at Beck starting January 31st and runs every Thursday through May 2nd ending in a performance. Schools holidays are skipped. Classes are held in the library from 3:05-4:05 pm and new skills and games each session. More information in the school’s office.

     2018-2019 Jessie Beck Digital Day Plan


    Dear Parent/Guardians of Jessie Beck Elementary School:

    This year, Washoe County School District and Jessie Beck Elementary School will implement Digital Days for missed instruction due to Snow Days.  Students will no longer have to make up contingency days at the end of the school year.

    Students will be required to complete all class assignments provided by the teacher from such missed days.  Teachers will provide packets of classroom work or will have online assignments for students to complete.  Please ensure that your student completes all missing work so that we can count your student as “present” on Digital Days.  Here are the steps:

    Washoe County School District will make a connect ed phone call, email, or text that school is closed for the day due to a Snow Day (and/or on Social Media or Local television).
    If teachers suspect that a Digital Day will be called, students will be given a packet of work or log in information for all online learning resources.
    Students should complete assignments on the Digital Day itself and teachers will be available (checking their email or via Class Dojo twice throughout their contract day 8:30-3:30 to answer any questions parents or students may have).
    If a digital day is called without warning (announced the morning of and teachers have not had the opportunity to supply the student with a work packet), then work may be given upon return to school; see your classroom teacher for details. They will then have 1 day + an additional day to complete the work packet.
    Students will be coded as “TEP” (Temporary Educational Placement) once students complete a Snow Day assignment(s) to indicate that work has been submitted. If a student does not complete the digital day assignment, that code is changed to an Unexcused Absence.
    Thanks for your help in ensuring that our students complete all Digital Day Assignments         
    Please remember that Wednesday is Early Release day at 2:15


    We encourage volunteers at Jessie Beck Elementary School and wish to thank you in advance for your support. For the safety of all children, WCSD has a volunteer screening policy. We appreciate your patience and compliance in keeping our schools safe. Effective July 2018, per Nevada state law, all individuals who volunteer for WCSD regularly with students must be fingerprinted to ensure the safety of all students.


    The cost for fingerprinting and the background check is $45.00, which is then valid for 5 years. Fingerprinting must be conducted by the WCSD School Police Department for adherence to the new law.


    • All volunteers must complete a School Volunteer Application yearly and submit it to the school office, along with a picture ID. IDs need to be official, such as a driver’s license, passport or identification card. Volunteer Applications are available at your school office or on the WCSD web page at www.washoeschools.net/Domain/91.
    • Applications are then turned into the school office. According to our policy, there is a two (2) week waiting period from the time the application is turned into the school. The volunteer services department needs this time to run a background check. After the applicant is checked and cleared, they may begin volunteering.OVERNIGHT CHAPERONES  
    • To be fingerprinted for overnight chaperoning, you must take the School Volunteer Application with an Authorized School Personnel Signature, as well as with your picture ID to the Fingerprint ID and Background Office. The Fingerprint ID and Background office is located at 425 E. Ninth Street in Reno. The office is located in the back on the left side of the building. Fingerprinting can be done from 8:00am-12:00pm and from 1:00pm-4:00pm every Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
    • If you wish to volunteer as an Overnight Chaperone on a field trip, you must be fingerprinted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the field trip date, but no sooner than 6 months before the trip. 



           Kidscape Productions
    begins August 30th in the Library
       Information in our Flyer section
         After School Chess Club
    begins August 22nd in the Library
       Information in our Flyer section 
     REMEMBER - In the event of a bad storm the TV and
                     Radio Stations will begin announcing DELAYED START
                    of schools by 6:00 AM.  In addition, you will find all information
                    on the district website: - www.washoeschools.net
       Also in the event of SCHOOL CLOSINGS they will also be
    announce by the TV and Radio Stations.
    Schools that are on the Balanced calendar, must add an additional
    day in June for each day missed (snow day) in order to
    make up missed school days. We will keep you notified of the
    additional contingency days when and/or if they occur. 
                                            EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH
    El Adobe Night - proceeds from this allows us to grant a scholorship to former Jessie Beck students going on to college.  This is in the memory of Natalia Berumen - a Jessie Beck student whose courageous fight with cancer ended her life too early.            
     2nd Grade Winter Concert - Thursday - 12/13 @2:15
     3rd Grade Winter Concert - Friday - 12/14 @2:15
     1st Grade Concert - Thursday - 3/21 @2:15
     4th Grade Spring Concert - Friday - 5/24 @2:15
     5th Grade Spring Concert - Thursday - 5/23 @2:15
     6th Grade Concert  - Wednesday - 5/29 10:30 - 11:30
    Jessie Beck PFA
    President:                 Jill Barlow & Nancy Inouye
    Co-Vice President:    Ro Lazzarone & Colby Ballingham 
    Treasurer:               Lindsay Anderson
    Assist. Treasurer:   Rachael Comstock
    Secretary:               Anna Thornley
    Email:                     BeckPFA@gmail.com
    2018-2019 PFA General Meeting Schedule (all meetings start at 8:15 in the Library)
    Thursday - August 16th
    Tuesday  -  November 13th
    Tuesday  -  February 12th
    Tuesday  -  April 16th


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  • We Are Located At:
    1900 Sharon Way Reno NV, 89509
    Phone Number:   
    (775) 689-2520
    Fax Number:       
    (775) 689-2598
    Email Us At:
    WCSD Parent Hotline:
    (775) 334-8373
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