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  • We would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year.  We are so happy to continue supporting our staff and students in academic success!!

    Our Mission Statement:  Work hard, achieve success       


    The Infinite Campus app is a great resource for parents and students to keep track of grades.
    You can download the infinite campus mobile app for either your Android or IOS operating system. When prompted to on the app, use our district code MJCFXT.


    9/20   Jog-a-thon



    10/1                       El Adobe Night


    10/3                       Scarecrow Festival


    10/7 - 10/11          Fall Break


    10/14                      Picture Retake Day


    10/16                      Gift Wrap Assembly


    10/18                      End of Grading Period


    10/20                      Run for Education


    10/21 - 10/28        Conference Week      12:50 Release

                                     Book Fair


    10/25                      Nevada Week - School Closed


                  ATTENDANCE POLICY
           Parent/Guardian Responsibilities_

    1. It is the parent/guardian responsibility to assure their student(s) attends school every day.

    2. Parent/guardian must call the school each day their student(s) is absent to
    acknowledge the student’s absence on that day to ensure the child's safety.

    3. Students who miss 10% or more of class periods for any course that meets in a
    semester will be chronically absent in that course(s).

    4. If the student must miss class for any reason, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to see
    that a written/verbal excuse, explaining the cause of the absence, is provided to the school
    prior to, during, or within three days after an absence. Failure to do so within three days of
    the student's return to school will result in the absence being coded as Unverified (AUK).
    Excuses provided after the three days will remain coded AUK. All absences will count against
    the student’s chronic absenteeism. Students are given the opportunity to complete
    Instruction Related Activities or Concepts Missed and the absence code will be marked (IRA)
    Instruction Related Activities or Concepts Missed for the first 5 absences per semester in HS
    and for the first 10 absences per year in ES/MS and then marked (MET) Instruction Related
    Activities or Concepts Missed in Excess of 10 days in accordance with NRS 392.122 after the 5
    for HS and 10 for ES/MS thresholds are met. Absences are only marked IRA or MET if the
    teacher has determined that the instruction related activities or concepts missed are

    5. The 5 absences per semester in HS and 10 absences in ES/MS can be marked as present using
    the IRA code described above. All other absences are unexcused. The IRA coded absences are
    intended to provide flexibility to students who are ill and cannot attend school. Parents must
    realize that those 5 days per semester in HS and 10 days per year in ES/MS in which
    instruction related activities or concept missed can be made up so the student is marked
    present will likely be needed for illness. It is the parent’s responsibility to budget the
    absences that the student might have such as with medical appointments, vacations, and
    other time out of school so that when a student is sick and must stay home they have that
    flexibility and it does not affect any attendance consequences that might be imposed such as
    retention in the same grade for the next school year or failure of the course.

    6. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor their student’s attendance for
    accuracy by using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and to notify the school should
    inaccuracies be found. Inaccuracies will not be corrected after the last day of school for the
    year in which the absence occurred.

    7. Parent/guardian should make every reasonable effort to schedule medical
    appointments, legal appointments, vacations, tutoring, and other activities for times
    outside the student's school day/calendar. Students who excessively miss instruction
    (10 times or more) or are excessively tardy (10 times or more) may be withdrawn due
    to their part time enrollment.

    8. If the student has any health problems that have been verified by a Health Care Professional,
    the parent/guardian must provide a note from the Health Care Professional to the school
    verifying the whereabouts of the student. The attendance will be coded EMD. This absence
    code will count against the student’s chronic absenteeism.

     a. Students who will miss more than 5 consecutive days for illness should be evaluated for a 504
    plan and/or Home Hospital Instruction so that chronic absenteeism does not come into play.

     b. Once the student starts Home Hospital, the student will be coded AEL when services begin.
    This present code will not count against the student’s chronic absenteeism.

     c. If an excuse note from a Health Care Professional cannot be provided, parent must
    provide a written note for the absence to the school and the attendance will be coded
    MED. This absence code will count against the student’s chronic absenteeism.

    9. A Parent/guardian must provide advanced written notification to the school of the
    student’s absence to be considered pre-arranged. A minimum of two days in advance is
    required for the absence to be pre-arranged and a week in advance, if the absence is for 3
    or more days.

      a. Pre-Arranged absences will be coded Domestic DOM. This absence code will count against the
    student’s chronic absenteeism.

    10. It is the student's responsibility to request Instruction Related Activities or Concepts Missed which
    are missed, exams, quizzes or concepts ON THE DAY the student misses any part of the class or ON
    THE DAY the student returns to class after absence. It is the student's responsibility to abide by the
    school/teacher's procedures for when and how to request this work or concept understanding. The
    student has a limited number of days in which to return the Instruction Related Activities or
    Concepts Missed (number of days absent plus one, starting the day the work was provided by the

    11. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to communicate regularly with the student and the
    student teacher(s) regarding attendance issues/concerns and to attend conferences relating to
    attendance when requested by the school.

    12. If the student exceeds 10% or more absences of school days and the parent/guardian believes that
    they have reason for an attendance appeal, they should request a final appeal of attendance
    requirements from the school administrator (MS/HS ONLY).

    13. Maintain accurate contact information update phone numbers, email/address, home address,
    emergency contact or any new information within 2 school days of changes to the school office.


    For further information please click on the quick links for Student Accounting Department



    We encourage volunteers at Jessie Beck Elementary School and wish to thank you in advance for your support.


    The cost for fingerprinting and the background check is $48.50.  Fingerprinting must be conducted by the WCSD School Police Department for adherence to the new law.


    • All volunteers must complete a School Volunteer Application yearly and submit it to the school office, along with a picture ID. IDs need to be official, such as a driver’s license, passport or identification card. Volunteer Applications are available at your school office or on the WCSD web page at www.washoeschools.net/Domain/91.
    • Applications are then turned into the school office. According to our policy, there is a two (2) week waiting period from the time the application is turned into the school. The volunteer services department needs this time to run a background check. After the applicant is checked and cleared, they may begin volunteering
    • To be fingerprinted for overnight chaperoning, you must take the School Volunteer Application with an Authorized School Personnel Signature, as well as with your picture ID to the Fingerprint ID and Background Office. The Fingerprint ID and Background office is located at 425 E. Ninth Street in Reno. The office is located in the back on the left side of the building. Fingerprinting can be done from 8:00am-12:00pm and from 1:00pm-4:00pm every Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
    • If you wish to volunteer as an Overnight Chaperone on a field trip, you must be fingerprinted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the field trip date, but no sooner than 6 months before the trip. 

    For more information please click on the Volunteer Services link


     REMEMBER - In the event of a bad storm the TV and
                     Radio Stations will begin announcing DELAYED START
                    of schools by 6:00 AM.  In addition, you will find all information
                    on the district website: - www.washoeschools.net
       Also in the event of SCHOOL CLOSINGS they will also be
    announce by the TV and Radio Stations.
    Schools that are on the Balanced calendar, must add an additional
    day in June for each day missed (snow day) in order to
    make up missed school days. We will keep you notified of the
    additional contingency days when and/or if they occur. 
                                            EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH
    El Adobe Night - proceeds from this allows us to grant a scholorship to former Jessie Beck students going on to college.  This is in the memory of Natalia Berumen - a Jessie Beck student whose courageous fight with cancer ended her life too early.            
    December 12th @ 2:15     2nd Grade Winter Concert
    December 13th @ 2:15     3rd Grade Winter Concert
    March 12th @ 2:15            1st Grade Spring Concert
    May 21st @ 2:15                4th Grade Spring Concert
    May 22nd @ 2:15               5th Grade Spring Concert
    May 29th @ 10:30              6th Grade - Band-Strings & Choir
    Jessie Beck PFA
    Co-Presidents:           Ro Lazzarone & Colby Ballingham
    Vice President:          Ed Hitti
    Treasurer:                 Lindsay Anderson
    Assist. Treasurer:     Rachael Comstock
    Secretary:                Anna Thornley
    Email:                     BeckPFA@gmail.com


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