• PFA Board Members for 2022-2023

    • President:  Bri Sullivan

    • Past President:  Chris Burke

    • Vice President:  Kami Hitti

    • Treasurer:  Ryan Ho

    • Assistant Treasurer:  Lauren Murray

    • Secretary:  Nicolle Gust 

    • Members At Large:
      • Dulce Drakulich  
      • Megan Weber
    • Principal:  Erin Lane
    • Faculty Representatives:
      • Ryan Brock, PhD
      • Cristy Fernandez 


    PFA 2022-2023 enrollment is now open!

    Please consider joining the Jessie Beck Parent Faculty Association. We raise funds that support the needs of our students and faculty, and host events that enhance school pride and encourage a sense of community. 

    All membership dues go back to the school. $10 / family, $7 / faculty. Head to our membership page to learn more and enroll today. @jessiebeckpfa.com