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  • Dear Parents,

    With the start of the new school year looking very different, your child may feel stressed and anxious as well as excited. Remember, most children are likely feeling this even if they are unable to identify or verbalize their emotions. Stress presents differently in each individual. We encourage you to start a conversation with your child about how they are feeling and any fears or stressors they may be experiencing.  Below are some additional resources you may find helpful.

    Please feel free to email either one of us with any concern. You may reach Mr. Recchia at and Mrs. Call at


    Mr. Recchia & Mrs. Call


    Below is the link to our virtual office. To use the office click different objects in the office to view various resources and videos. Our office will be updated monthly with new items and links to go along with our monthly themes. 




     Mr. Recchia & Mrs. Call's Virtual Office


    Below is a form to check in with Mr. Recchia or Mrs. Call

    Check in with counselors


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