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     Attached is the Title 1 Presentation for 2023-2024:

    Annual Title 1 Presentation


    CSI Schools Parent Letter

     August 15, 2022


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the State has identified your child’s school as a CSI school (Comprehensive Support and Improvement), for the 2022-2023 school year. This letter provides important information regarding your child's school and describes the State’s process for measuring the academic performance of public schools in Nevada. Please understand that the State’s process for making this determination upon your student’s school, does not employ measures that are fair, appropriate or equitable.


    In December 2015, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law. Highlights of ESSA include holding all students to high academic standards and identifying low performing schools along with appropriate supports for school improvement. Under ESSA, there are two main school designations: Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). Additionally, Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI) is another school designation.


    The State uses results from its school rating system, the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF), to identify CSI, TSI, and ATSI schools.


    CSI Schools


    CSI schools are schools that meet one or more of the following conditions:

    1. Are the lowest-performing five percent (5%) of schools in Nevada based on their Index Score on the NSPF,
    2. Receive a 1-Star rating on the NSPF (meaning the school has not met the state’s standards for performance),
    3. Have a four-year graduation rate below sixty-seven percent (67%) for High schools only.


    CSI schools are schools that get placed on the state’s Rising Stars Schools List. Rising Stars Schools will remain a part of a cohort for three years, with the goal of achieving at least a 3-Star rating by the end of its third cohort year. The State identified the first cohort of Rising Stars Schools under Nevada’s 2019 Revised ESSA Plan.


    School Specific Information


    This is the 2nd year your child’s school has been identified as a CSI school. Your child’s school has been identified as a CSI school because it meets condition(s) above.  You can find out specifics about those indicators by clicking on this link:





    The following have been identified as reasons why your child’s school is underperforming:

    • Picollo School does not participate in SBAC testing, the measure by which “underperformance” is determined by the Nevada State Department of Education.
    • Students at Picollo pursue “Non-Standard Diplomas,” or “Adjusted Diplomas,” that are appropriate toward fulfilling their individual education needs outlined in their Individualized Education Plans. The diploma option that all Picollo students pursue, is not counted toward District and State criteria for determining “graduation rates” and so Picollo is designated “underperforming” by the Nevada State Department of Education.
    • The Nevada State Department of Education has not adopted a measure of Picollo’s performance that is fair, accurate and equitable, toward the determination of CSI under their current rating system.


    Your child’s school will receive increased levels of support which will include:

    The following have been identified as district goals for the 2022-2023 school year:

    • Academic Growth 
    • Developing Recruiting, and Training Highly-Effective Personnel
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Safe and Welcoming Schools


    School Specific Actions:


    To provide support and meet school and district goals, Picollo Elementary and Middle School students and staff are using Special Education Funds to articulate and implement a new Essential Standards-based Curriculum, which covers all academic areas, toward providing students individualized access to curriculum, direct instruction and assessment. Additionally, your child's school continues to recruit and retain, highly qualified personnel, both support and Certified, toward providing best practice instructional expertise to meet the specific and complex needs of student’s attending Picollo. The district will support your child's school by designating and funding outside consultative services, both through Title Funding and through Special Education resources, to address professional development, instructional development and specialized behavioral analysis services. Additionally, the district will support your child's school by working with the school to create a CSI plan. You will receive further information on how you can engage in this process, as required under federal law. You will also receive a copy of this plan once it is created.


    For more information about the progress being made by your child’s school, please review the School Performance Plan on your school’s website. The school’s NSPF report is available on the Nevada Department of Education’s Report Card portal. Please contact your school at 775-851-5650 or picollo@washoeschools.net for more information.


    Lastly, parent and family engagement is critical to your child’s success. You are welcome and encouraged to become involved in the academic progress of your child's school. Please visit your child’s school for information about parent and family engagement opportunities.




    Matt Burak, Principal


    CSI Spanish