Caughlin Ranch
  • Office 365 Instructions & Resources

    To log into Office 365:
    2. Enter your student ID (7-digit number, starts with a '2') followed by ''.
    For example,
    Microsoft Sign in page
    3. On the next screen, enter your password that you use to sign into the school computers. If you have forgotten your password, contact your teacher.
    Enter password on this screen
    4. You should arrive at the WCSD Office 365 welcome page:
    Office 365 welcome page
    Click on the application you need (or access these from the "waffle", the grid of dots in the upper left corner, at any time).
    OneDrive will take you to your files.
    Teams will connect you to your online classrooms and teachers.
    Word and PowerPoint will create new documents and presentations, automatically saved to your OneDrive.
    5. Optional -- if you are interested in the "Install Office" option, click here for more information.