• Uniform Policy


    General Policies

    • Students are expected to be well groomed and in school uniforms with the exception of “No uniform” days.
    • Picture Day, Dollar Dress Down Day and other special days will be considered “No uniform days”. Written and/or oral communication will inform parents of these days throughout the year.
    • Uniform shirts with the Rita Cannan logo can be purchased through our school. Orders will be placed many times throughout the year to ensure an adequate supply for purchase.
    • Plain gray or navy polo shirts without a logo may be purchased from other local stores like, Wal-Mart.
    • Navy/Khaki/Black or Blue/Black denim material uniform pants, sweats, skirts, and shorts may be purchased from other local stores like, Wal-Mart.



    • Polo style shirts in Navy or Gray only. Shirts with the Rita Cannan logo can be ordered through the school.
    • Students may wear a navy blue or gray polo shirt without the Cannan logo on it, but it must be plain.
    • Shirts should fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger that the student’s body size.
    • No logos, designs or pictures on any shirt, sweater or sweatshirt unless it is the Rita Cannan logo.
    • Undershirts or layering shirts in the winter may be worn. Only solid colored Navy, Gray, Black or White will be allowed for layering. (No visible logos/designs, are permitted).
    • Shirts may not be tied or banded in the back to make them look shorter.

     navy gray


    • Solid colored Navy Blue or Gray sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn inside and outside the classroom, but must be free of logos or pictures/designs, unless the sweater/sweatshirt has the Rita Cannan logo purchased through our approved vendor (Information below).
    • Sweatshirts and sweaters with the Rita Cannan Logo may be purchased through Kate’s Logos. The order may be placed online at http://www.kateslogos.com, over the phone at 1-775-432-1777, or their location at 1221 West Second Street Reno NV 89503. If assistance is needed with ordering the sweatshirts, the front office staff will be able to assist.
    • Sweaters/sweatshirts that are a different color, have logos, pictures, and designs are permitted and may be worn outside of the classroom only.



    • Navy/Khaki/Black color uniform pants, sweats, joggers, exercise material pants and Blue/Black denim material.
    • Jeans must be plain, regular fit. No stitching, or bling on jeans.
    • Girls may wear leggings in khaki, blue, or black solid colors. No designs or print on leggings is permitted.
    • No more than one size larger than the waist. (Belt should be worn if needed)
    • No low rise, bagging, sagging or dragging pants.


    Walking Shorts or Skirts/Skorts

    • Navy/Khaki/Black or Blue/Black denim material color uniform shorts or skirts/skorts only.
    • Must be fingertip length. (When hands are at your side, shorts or skirt should not be shorter than fingers.)



    • No flip-flops or sandals without back straps.
    • Shoes should fit appropriately.



    • Hats are not to be worn at school. Hats are permitted on “Hat Day”.
    • Hair accessories may be worn.

     hat day