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    General Information about AR

    The Accelerated Reader Program is a tool that enables computer-assisted assessment of student comprehension of “everyday” or “regular” books. Many teachers utilize this program as part of their regular curriculum. It was created by Renaissance Learning in 1986 and is used in over 60,000 schools nationwide. Accelerated Reader’s goal is to motivate students to read using an individualized goal/point system. Additional information is available on their website

    A student participating in Accelerated Reader (AR) chooses a leveled book with the assistance of his or her teacher, Mrs. Benesch in the library, or the online search tool. Book levels range from 0.2 (Car Goes Far) to 15.7 (Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Women). Book levels are designed to reflect grade level in the format year.month, "for example, a book level of 4.5 means that the text could likely be read independently by a student whose reading skills are at the level of a typical fourth-grade student during the fifth month of school."
    Most students know their levels; Mrs. Benesch or your teacher will be happy to assist anyone who asks. AR books are flagged in the school’s library with color-coded dots on the spines; the keys are posted throughout the library. There is a label inside each AR book in the library indicating its level and point value. 
    After a student chooses and reads a book, he or she takes the test on a school computer during designated class time, library or computer class time, or immediately before or after school in the library. Each test is a multiple-choice comprehension test on the book’s content. Tests may have 5, 10 or 20 questions, depending on the length and difficulty of the book. The computer scores the test and awards the student points based on the results. Point records are maintained by Mrs. Benesch and the Accelerated Reader committee. In addition to its integration into curriculum and grading, the Accelerated Reader program includes the added incentive of a “store” twice a year where students may “spend” the points they have earned.

    AR Store

    The AR store is a PFA-funded extra-curricular incentive program. Points earned during the year are converted to Reader “Bucks” which students may spend in the spring.

    The AR Store gives students who have participated in the AR program the opportunity to spend their Reader Bucks on anything from mood rings to scooters and gift certificates. Prices for first through third graders are half of those for fourth through sixth graders. When the store is open, students may shop with their classroom group. If a student has a scheduling conflict, he or she should discuss it with his or her teacher prior to the store.

    Students are allowed to carry their Bucks over from year to year. If a student decides to “save up” his or her Reader Bucks for a bigger prize, he or she is responsible for maintaining control of those Bucks just as though they were “real” money; please keep in mind that store inventory changes with the trends and availability, so there are no guarantees that a particular item will be available at the next store. Sixth graders should spend all of their Reader Bucks at the spring store.

    Volunteers to work the store are always appreciated; please contact Andria Irvin. Comments and/or suggestions for store prizes are welcome (we can’t guarantee that we can get them, but we’ll try!).