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    Smithridge School Performance Plan PDF

    Smithridge STEM Academy has established its School Performance Plan for the school year 2022-23. This plan was developed by the school’s continuous improvement (CI) team and informed by a comprehensive needs assessment that included data analysis and meaningful engagement with the school community. It includes the school's goals and process developed during Act 1. The CI team will monitor implementation throughout the school year and evaluate and update the goals at the end of the year.


    Smithridge School Improvement Plan PDF

    Washoe County School District Smithridge STEM Academy 2021-2022 School Performance Plan:

    A Roadmap to Success Smithridge STEM Academy has established its school improvement roadmap for the 2021-22 school year. This school performance plan includes the campus’s goals and process developed during  Act 1. This plan will be revisited at least three times this year during Act 2 to monitor progress and once in Act 3 to assess and update the goals.