Corrective Action Plan


    Agnes Risley Elementary School - Sparks, Nevada

    Risley Elementary was placed into Corrective Action by the Nevada Department of Education in the Fall of 2017 due to performance on the ACCESS assessment showing that English Learners at Risley were falling in the bottom 25% quartile for the State when compared to other schools across the State.  The following is a synopsis of the plan put into place to address the needs of English Learners.


    AGP Percentile by Year (AGP = Percent of students on trejectory to exit EL services)

    2017 – 36.15%

    2018 – 55.26%

    2019 – 37.0%

    2020 – 32.9%

    Plan Priorities

      * Build knowledge of language acquisition of all staff

      * Use of content and language assessment to drive instruction

    * Increase use of language acquisition and language processing strategies by staff with students (GLAD, ELLevation, Go To)

       * Increase academic talk by students in all content areas



    • Implementation of vertical PLCs with a speaking or writing focus around content area of choice (2018/2019)
    • Professional learning to share data and CAP status 2018 and 2019
    • Professional learning to support teacher understanding of language learners needs in relation to identified Essential Standards.
    • Implementation of EL service model that supports modeling and implementation of language acquisition and processing strategies from GLAD, ELLevation, and AVID
    • Implementation of the PLC process to plan and discuss data (formative and summative)
    • Data dives to understand content and language assessment data and relate to essential standards, selection of strategies, and language focus during PLCs done with leadership team
    • Implementation of new ELA curriculum with professional learning