Family Outreach & Support

  • Bitmoji Mrs. Maez

    Julie Maez is the School Counselor at Allen. School counseling is paramount to guiding students throughout their academic career. Counselors provide valuable social and academic skills that empower students to be successful graduates. Click here to send Mrs. Maez an email.


    Bitmoji Nisa Butler

    Nisa Butler is the Re-engagement Facilitator at Allen. She can help you with student mentoring, access to resources, attendance support and family education. Click here to send Mrs. Butler an email.


    Bitmoji Ms. Vides

    Veronica Aguirre-Vides is the School Social Worker at Allen. She regularly has access to information within the community regarding events and opportunities your family may be interested in. She can help if your family needs access to community resources or other supports for the family at home. Click here to send Ms. Vides an email.