• Behavior Management Beliefs

    • Expected behaviors need to be taught using clear and specific language.  A common language will be developed by staff to ensure consistent language/vocabulary is used across all school environments. 

    • Positive adult language is conveyed through word choice and tone 

    • Reinforcing language is used when students demonstrate expected behaviors. 

    • Reminding or redirecting language is used before or when a student might be forgetting expected behaviors. 

    • Reteaching language is used when student behaviors are unexpected. 

    • Consistent and relevant consequences are known across school environments.  These consequences are designed to change the unexpected behavior through reflection or action. 

    • For students who demonstrate patterns of unexpected behaviors we will discover the why, and provide appropriate, individualized behavior plans. 


     Behavioral Expectations: We will SOAR as Eagles Every Day


    SAFETY comes first. 

    • We will keep hands and feet to self and be aware of the personal space of others. 

    • We will walk in the school hallways. 

    • We will demonstrate good sportsmanship. 

    • We will tell a trusted adult when we don’t feel safe. 

    OPTIMISM starts with a positive attitude 

    • Our motto is “I can do it!” 

    • We believe we can learn and grow. 

    • We know our school cares about us. 

    • We celebrate the success of self and others. 

     ACTIVE LEARNERS make a commitment to learn. 

    • We will set attainable learning goals and strive to reach them. 

    • We will ask questions to clarify learning objectives. 

    • We will self-manage our behaviors. 

    • We will strive to be curious about our learning. 

    RESPECT is shown through words and actions. 

    • We will calmly communicate concerns, feelings, and ideas so we are heard. 

    • We will allow others to learn without interruptions or disruptions.  

    • We will treat guests on our campus as valued members of our community. 

    • We will be kind and empathetic towards others and keep our materials and property in excellent condition.