Facility Modernization Plan (FMP)

Facility Modernization Plan (FMP) for Corbett Elementary


What is happening at my school?

There is a recommendation being made to the Board of Trustees that Corbett’s students move into a brand-new school that will be built on the site of the Loder Elementary School campus. That building would be completed and the move to the new building would take place in 2027.

What is the timeline?

This is currently a recommendation from a consultant that is helping WCSD develop a long-term plan for improving schools district-wide. The initial recommendation is being heard by the Board of Trustees on November 28 for discussion. The plan is scheduled to return to The Board on December 12 for approval of the long-range vision.

Following that, each project or set of projects would go through the normal public approval process of everything from design to construction to rezoning. This is an early project that would be recommended for approval in 2024 to start the process.

How can I learn more?

The website washoeschools.net/fmp has more information and will continue to be updated as projects and processes move forward.

What happens to the old building at Corbett’s current campus once students move out?

That is still to be determined and will involve more research. Possibilities include using it as an Early Childhood center, an annex for Wooster, a district operations building, a partnership with a public or private entity, and/or using it as temporary staging for construction if/when Wooster is later rebuilt.

How do school names and zones get decided, and when?

Those will be done through the normal public processes that the district has for naming and zoning schools currently, which is that advisory committees hold public meetings and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees makes those decisions in public meetings. Rezoning is usually begun approximately two years before the rezoning goes into effect, with the final rezoning decisions made approximately one year before they go into effect.