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Policy implementation promotes and enables informed decision making by the Superintendent, Leadership Team, administrators, faculty and staff of the Washoe County School District through the creation, documentation, maintenance, communication, and distribution of Board policy, administrative regulations, administrative procedures and procedural handbooks. 
Good governance requires well-written procedures that are easily accessible to staff, parents/guardians and their students, and the community.  The administrative regulations and procedures of the District are listed by focus area on the tool bar to the right. As the District continues to review all of its governing documents, those administrative regulations that have been adopted, revised or deleted will be listed below.  That list may extend back for several months in an attempt to provide a history of the work being done.

Public Comment

Under the direction of the Superintendent, staff shall periodically review the District's administrative regulations for possible revision.  Proposed administrative regulations shall be posted below for comment by the public.   To submit comments, contact the District's Office of the General Counsel.

Recently Adopted and/or Revised Regulations


Document Search

 All of the District's governing documents can be found in one location.  Use this search box to locate Board Policy, Administrative Regulations, Administrative Procedures and other documents located on the District's Continuous Systems Improvement (CSI) website.  Search by document name, ID number, or a search word(s).


Every effort is made to keep these Policies and Regulations updated; however, there may be delays in getting updated Policies and Regulations on the website.  If you have questions concerning the latest version of any of these Policies and/or regulations, please contact the Office of the General Counsel at (775) 348-0300.  For questions related to CSI documents, please contact the Internal Audit Department at (775) 348-0308.


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