District Wide Accountability Reports

Accountability Reports

During the 1993 session, the Nevada State Legislature passed a School Accountability bill (NRS 385.347 revised) requiring all school districts in Nevada to inform the public on the performance of public schools throughout the state. The Legislature passed further revisions of the School Accountability Law during the 1995 session (SB 386), the 1997 session (Nevada Education Reform Act, SB 482), the 1999 session (SB 70), the 2001 session (SB 165), and the 2003 special session (SB 1).

The Federal Government was involved in school accountability with the passage in 2001 of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act (HR 1). This law provides a school accountability model that applies to public education in all 50 states and includes accountability reports to the public with a set of required elements. Nevada's revised accountability law (SB 1) includes these NCLB reporting elements and every other aspects of the NCLB model.

The 2015-16 District-wide Accountability Report is available below. Or click here to visit the Nevada Department of Education's Nevada Annual Reports of Accountability website to search any school in Nevada.