Connecting Teachers and Families at Home

  • When teachers and families connect through home visits, relationships start to flourish between the two parties and together, as co-educators can help students succeed academically.  Parent Teacher Home Visits are voluntary meetings designed to build relationship between equal partners, so that the most important adults in a child’s life, at home and at school, can work together to support the child’s learning and growth. Parent Teacher Home Visits were introduced to Washoe in 2009 and has been a great way for teachers to build meaningful relationships with families ever since. 

  • "Sometimes, parents think that the teachers and others at the school don't really care about our kids.  But the simple fact that they take the time to come to visit us demonstrates that they do care." - WCSD Parent

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Everyone plays on the same team to help students succeed!

  • Dilworth Middle School student states "I've never felt so important before"
    Arch Ruth, principal of Alice Smith Elementary states, “Parent Teacher Home Visits breathed new life into my school. I am intrigued about how this is changing me, changing our teachers and building relationships with the families of our children!” 

    Alice Maxwell parent states, “Once we had the Parent Teacher Home Visit, the teacher, my children and I all got on the same page. Home is where everything starts.

2023-2024 Home Visit Awards

23-24 PTHV Award Recipients

  • Every year we recognize home visit champions for going above and beyond and visiting multiple students in a single school year.  This year we are celebrating 31 teachers, counselors, deans, and FACE Liaisons for going on 20+ home visits.

    • Alice Smith Elementary School
      • Abigail Brown
      • Omara Grass
      • Ana Guzman
    • Archie Clayton Middle School
      • Tünde Csepelyi
    • Bernice Mathews Elementary School
      • Stephanie Sega
      • Amanda Fortuna
    • Cold Spring Middle School
      • Jacob D. Herringshaw
      • Kelly Gonsalez
    • Desert Skies Middle School
      • Dena Bodecker
      • Stephanie Gomez
      • Kelley Lamb
      • Kelly Mitchell
      • Jannie Valdez
    • Echo Loder Elementary School
      • Stacie Stosich
    • Edwin S. Dodson Elementary School
      • Brittany Major
      • Jennifer Elicegui
      • Nicole McClure
    • Jerry Whitehead Elementary School
      • Lorabelle Hardisty
    • Lemmon Valley Elementary School
      • Susan Bates
      • Londy Hidalgo
      • Melissa Musso
    • Mamie Towles Elementary School
      • Emily Garecht
      • Laura Wilson
    • Miguel Sepulveda Elementary School
      • Erica Pienkoski
      • Helen Hoffman
      • Maegen Tolley
    • Mount Rose K-8
      • Marissa Shaffer
      • Esperanza Ramos
      • Veronica Rodriguez
      • Victoria Ispisua
    • Sparks High School
      • Martha Silva


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