Parent Teacher Home Visits Week

  • Parent Teacher Home Visits is celebrating 25 years of building relationships of trust through home visits!  Washoe County School District has been using this strategy for 13 years.  To celebrate, we are dedicating the week of September 19-24 to observe Parent Teacher Home Visits. This year, there are 21 schools participating in the Parent Teacher Home Visits program.  Our goal for Parent Teacher Home Visits week is to bring awareness, interest and recognize our school staff that go above and beyond to make authentic relationships of trust through home visits. 

Building Relationships of Trust Through Parent Teacher Home Visits

22-23 PTHV Schools

    • Alice Maxwell Elementary School
    • Bernice Mathews Elementary School
    • Cold Springs Middle School
    • Desert Skies Middle School
    • Dorothy Lemelson Elementary School
    • Innovations High School
    • Jerry Whitehead Elementary School
    • Lemmon Valley Elementary School
    • Mamie Towles Elementary School
    • Marvin Picollo School
    • Michael Inskeep Elementary School
    • Miguel Sepulveda Elementary School
    • Mount Rose K-8
    • Natchez Elementary School
    • North Star Online School
    • Procter R. Hug High School
    • Rita Cannan Elementary School
    • Sparks High School
    • Sparks Middle School
    • Sun Valley Elementary School