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NSHE Native American Fee Waiver

NSHE Native American Fee Waiver:

General Information: 

The Nevada Board of Regents provides a waiver of certain fees related to registration to a Native American student who is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe or nation or who is certified by the enrollment department of such tribe or nation or by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as being a descendant of an enrolled member of such tribe or nation regardless of member status, and who meets certain residency and other eligibility requirements. An NSHE institution shall waive registration, laboratory, and other mandatory fees for eligible students pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 17 of the Handbook. The amount of the waiver must be equal to the amount of the registration fee and all other mandatory fees charged to the student.

To determine if you are eligible, complete this form and provide the required documentation to your institution’s designated office as listed at the bottom of this form. The institution may request additional information or documentation to verify eligibility. Once the fee waiver has been applied to the account, the student should contact their institutional representative if there are changes in enrollment to ensure timely application of the waiver towards fees.

Click Here for Application: NSHE Native American Fee Waiver