Upcoming important dates

Upcoming important dates:   Depoali Calendar   


 Family and Student Supports for Distance Learning                 


 DISTANCE LEARNING WEBSITE   Teachers will begin reaching out to students.  Video link: https://youtu.be/dCW9pBIB-9U

 Friday, May 1:  School buildings are tentatively scheduled to reopen as per Govenor Sisolak"s directive.  (watch for updates on this) 
  • If you need to talk, your counselors are here for you! Email is the best way to contact us. You can also leave a message at the Depoali main office by calling 775-852-6700.
  • Our counseling office hours will be from 8:30-2 pm M-F and we will be responding to anyone who contacts us as fast as we can during that time.  (be sure to leave your name)


                8th grade- Mrs. Drake           EDrake@washoeschools.net

                7th grade- Mrs. Carr             Alex.Carr@washoeschools.net

                6th grade- Mrs. Foster          Rachel.Foster@washoeschools.net

                                 Mr. Rutherford     KRutherford@washoeschools.net