Overhead Paging

Overhead Intercom Paging of Students and Non-Essential Deliveries 

Due to our double class schedule we are unable to page students or make overhead loud speaker announcements while the other half of the school are in session. We ask that you notify your child in advance when you will be making important deliveries or picking them up for appointments.  You can also send them with a note to turn into the office so that the office staff can help remind them of the time to meet you in the office.   Please avoid deliveries of non-essential items as these are disruptive to both students and staff. Coffee drinks, frozen drinks, balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. are not allowed into the school.  Helium balloons that escape can set off sensitive security sensors in the building and may not be allowed on busses.  Students who receive these items will need to consume them in the office prior to entering Main Street or pick them up from the office after school.