Student-led Projects

Student-led Projects and Accomplishments

From June 1-9, our student-led “Kids for Kindness” club, created and led by Ian McDonough (3rd grade), has organized, and is currently running a donation drive at our SWAS schools for the Children’s Cabinet. It is a wonderful virtual and in-person blend of partnering we hope to continue with the children into next year!

On the academic front, Ahana Mukhopadyay (5th grade), recently won first place in the 5th grade winning a gold medal in the Nevada Girls Math Tournament. The event took place the second week of May for the first time in Northern Nevada this year!

Finally, Stewart Davis (3rd Grade), was just selected as a Grades 3-4 Grand Prize Winner for the Scholastic plant observation student contest called the Budburst Plant Trackers Contest, held in partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden. This contest was open nationwide to students grades 3 through 6. In this contest students choose a specific plant to observe like a scientist, using writing and drawing to record key details. Stewart will be receiving a cash prize of $1000 for his exceptional entry!

There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for! We are very proud of our on-line learners finding fantastic ways to make the on-line learning experience a place to not just survive but to thrive!

Thank you,
Dr. Luckey and Mrs. Richards