MTSS Behavioral Health & Management Team-Behavior Hotline

 MTSS Behavioral Health & Management Team-Behavior Hotline

Our team is excited to announce a behavior lifeline for families and staff that may need behavior supports for their students/children. Connecting virtually, we can help you!

Supports for families and staff include:

  • Individualized family supports that will benefit your family/students in the home. Topics include:
  • Creating routines and structure within the home
  • How to come up with rewards for your child
  • Helping with challenging behaviors
  • Setting up your student/child for success using positive language

Supports for staff include:

  • How to engage with your students via phone call or online
  • Supporting students that may not be motivated
  • Teams/Zoom meetings for additional questions/supports 


To access virtual supports, please join the WCSD Behavior Health and Management Microsoft Team: Click Here

-Please make sure to include the following in your email along with your question(s):

  • Name & contact information
  • Student(s) name
  • School(s)/Program(s)
  • Our team will contact you shortly after receiving your email.