LVES  Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 School Year

Dear Lemmon Valley Leopard Families, 


As we approach the start of the 20-21 school year, we know there are many questions and concerns. We will send a Lemmon Valley Weekly Update for celebrations, news, and upcoming weekly schedules. We hope that this information will help to answer some of your questions and make certain that we consider as many scenarios as possible to ensure the safest approach to our new and returning Leopards.


The Washoe County School District Board reaffirmed the July 7th action for Elementary School students to return to school in the buildings or to participate in Distance Learning beginning August 17. To ensure our school is as safe as possible for students and staff, EVERYONE who is on-site is expected to self-screen, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and washing hands frequently.


We have been reaching out to families and appreciate your prompt reply to our outreach on your choice for your child’s education. Please call us if you have not provided us with a preference for either In-Person Learning or Full-time Distance Learning. Keep in mind Distance Learning is much different than last year’s Distance Learning. Please see the two options below:


  • In-Person Learning: Students will be attending school and instruction taught by in-person teacher during regular school hours (9:15-3:15). To ensure safety, Lemmon Valley will be following WCSD COVID-19 Re-opening Procedures. Students will be required to wear masks, frequent hand-washing, and social distancing in their classrooms and all areas of the school community. Rigorous instruction will continue with high-quality learning as Lemmon Valley Leopards;


  • Full-Time Distance Learning: Students will be required to attend daily instruction taught by a teacher online during the scheduled school day (9:15 am to 3:15 pm). The Distance Learning Day would be broken into times for face to face online teaching (approximately 3-4 hours) and independent work time (approximately 1 hour) each day.
    • If technology and/or Wi-Fi access is needed for Full-Time Distance Learning we will be scheduling tech/materials pick up for Thursday, August 13th from 11:30 am – 4:00 pm. And then again on Friday, August 14th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Please call the school to schedule your tech pick-up.
    • This option can be selected prior to the school year beginning or after it has started, as long as the family gives the school at least two weeks’ notice. Families will not be able to frequently switch back and forth from in-person and distance. 





Students will continue to wear the Lemmon Valley uniform of a polo shirt. This uniform will still also be required to be worn while your student participates in Distance Learning. Uniforms are available through Kates Logo and/or purchasing plain, blue polo. Disposable masks will be available at school for those that forget them. Although, it is recommended your child wear a cloth mask from home.


Prior to School:

Use the self-screener checklist to screen your child for illness before coming to school. 

We want to keep everyone safe and this is one way our families can assist in the process. Thank you for your support! 


School Arrival/Dismissal:

WCSD Bus Transportation will continue to be provided to students that live in areas where transportation had previously been provided. All students riding buses are required to wear a mask, sit in assigned seats, and maintain social distancing. The routes with times and locations for stops will be published on WCSD website in the days just before school starts.


Everyone on District property must wear a mask! To limit the congestion of students, we have three designated entrances at the school. The main entrance is through the foyer of the main office for our walking and drop-off students, the second entrance is the west gate by the primary playground, and the third entrance is through the bus gate for our bus-riding students. Parents should not leave their cars. Parents who walk their students to school should say goodbye before students enter the gate with the social-distancing of others. Only the students will be allowed on school grounds. (The exception to this is for kinder and 1st grade students. For the first two weeks of school,  one parent may drop off at classroom door.) 


Students should arrive between 9:10 and 9:15, sanitize their hands at the entrance stations, and then proceed directly to their classroom.



Breakfast will be waiting on the child’s desk when they arrive to school. Students will wash their hands when finished. 


Classroom Environment

  • All classrooms are at a 50% occupancy rate. For most this is 20 students to a class. Our largest classrooms will house our fourth and fifth-grade students and can have an occupancy of 23 students.
  • Students will wash their hands upon when entering or exiting the classroom.
  • Students will practice social distancing in the classroom where the Governor has directed students to observe 3 to 6 feet spacing.
  • Students will wear their masks except for eating/drinking and during mask breaks at recess on the designated social distanced areas.  Students who do not wear their masks as expected, will be retaught the expectation, parents could be contacted, and continuation through the Progressive Discipline Plan.
  • All high touch areas will be sanitized throughout the day by our staff.

During the Day & Instruction

  • Music, library, and computer classes will be held in the child’s classroom.

Supplies will be packaged for each individual student to use. 

  • There will be no sharing.

Student's backpacks will be stored on the back of their chairs. 

  • Students will bring home the completed work after the materials quarantine period. 
  • Students will continue to be asked to do nightly reading, paper homework will not be assigned.
  • Student grades will be available on the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus, updated weekly beginning August 31.



  • Students will eat lunch in the classroom at their desks and supervised by a staff member.
  • Students will have only one option for lunch each day.

Recess will be held outside in designated areas by class. 

  • Staff members will supervise two classes in their designated area. Students will engage in social distancing games during recess.  

Food Pantry

We will continue to operate a Food Pantry on site. Contact Ms. Ticas 775-677-5460 & make an appointment before picking up food for your family.


Family/Community Access to the Building

Parents and families are encouraged to call the school 775-677-5460 before entering school. Most requests and situations can be successfully addressed over the phone. We will be limiting the number of non-staff/student entrance into the building. 

All visitors must wear a mask and will be limited to the main foyer. Only one family/visitor at a time can be in the foyer. We appreciate your patience with us as you wait for your turn.


Before/After School Care

We are very excited to be offering our TEAM UP/21st Century before and after school program. 

We are working to hire a coordinator and will start the program near the end of August. Space is limited. More details to follow.


Thank you for your support as our Lemmon Valley families. We are confident of a successful return when we work together. 


Please reach out with any additional questions, comments, or suggestions; contact information for myself or the office is (775)-677-5460,, and/or



Daniel Kirk


Lemmon Valley Elementary School

(775) 677-5460