What is WCSD doing to keep staff safe and healthy in our buildings?  

The health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance and a multi-layered approach will be taken. Surfaces in our schools will be cleaned frequently throughout each day and each night. WCSD approved disinfectant will be provided in all classrooms for teachers to use as needed. Custodians will prioritize cleaning high touch surfaces over carpets and grounds keeping. HVAC systems will be adjusted to bring in additional fresh air from outside throughout the day and the systems will “flush” the buildings before/after school daily.  

In addition, there will be frequent handwashing breaks throughout the day and hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom. The use of face coverings and physical distancing will be observed in keeping people healthy.  

La salud y seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y personal es de mayor importancia y con un enfoque de varios niveles.  Las superficies en nuestras escuelas serán limpiadas frecuentemente durante cada día y cada noche.  Desinfectante aprobado por el Distrito de Salud será disponible en todos los salones para que los maestros lo utilicen como sea necesario.  Los conserjes darán prioridad a las superficies que son