Day of Enrollment Counts

On the day of each Enrollment Count, the enrollment count designee will:


1. Secretary/Registrar must print, maintain and reconcile all enrollment count  reports; Master Register, Gain and Loss, NV01, and NV02 first thing in the morning of each count. Verify all reports balance each other by grade level, by gender, and by totals. Remember to save the NV02 to enter the total number to the Enrollment Count Worksheet. Please see instructions below how to run each report:

Master Register

Gain/Loss Report

NV01 Monthly Enrollment and Attendance Report

NV02 Ethnic Report


2. Generate the Sub Attendance Roster (SARs) in Excel format and email teacher with the link to SharePoint. Remember to retain any off campus SARs so those students are not missed for the count. Please see the Sub Attendance Roster Instructions 

3. Enrollment Count Designees should include in the email a time of when the teachers should have the enrollment count completed by. 

4. Remind all counselors not to make any schedule changes until the count is complete.

5. If there is a new enrollment or withdrawal during the count, contact your Student Accounting troubleshooter for instructions.

6. Once all teachers reviewed and modified the SARs in SharePoint, the total number of students from the SARs must match with the total number of students on the enrollment count reports to be considered balanced and released from Enrollment Counts.

7. Once all SAR’s are reviewed, complete the Enrollment Count Worksheet  (Enrollment Count Worksheet Instructions). Filtered student information needs to be entered on the Filtered Students Tab and subtracted from the Sub Attendance Roster (located on the bottom of the Enrollment Count Worksheet)

8. Save the worksheet with your school name in the title as well as the EC (Enrollment Count) 1, 2, or 3. Example, Anderson EC 1.  

9. Once the worksheet is completed and saved, create an email with the name of your school and Enrollment Count 1, 2, or 3 (depending on which count it is) in the subject line, EMAIL TO Student Accounting will pull your NV02 Report to balance with your worksheet. It is imperative that no changes occur until the count is over and the designee has received an email that the school has balanced and is released.

10. Retain copies of all count information sent to Student Accounting along with the SARs from the last enrollment count. File each report (NV01, NV02, Master Register, and Gains & Loss) with a printed copy of the worksheet for each count for that school year.


On the day of each Enrollment Count, the Enrollment Count Designee will provide the teacher with instructions (see below handout) and the teacher will:

  1. Verify sub attendance rosters (SARs) in SharePoint. Remember to highlight in yellow the name of any student who has not attended at least once and add any student who has attended and is not in the roster at the bottom of the list in red font.