Before Enrollment Counts

  1. Secretaries/Registrars must ensure all students are designated correctly in IC.
  2. Non-Special Education PK students must be enrolled with Start Status E3, and Service Type P: Primary. (Note: Any PK students whose Special Education status has changed must be withdrawn with W1a and and re-enrolled the next day with the correct start status). 
  3. No-show students who are not returning as soon as the school is notified. All no-shows must be completed by August 7, 2020 for Balanced, Gerlach and TMCC Calendars. For Capital Projects and Incline Calendars all no-shows should be completed by August 21, 2020. Please read the No Show Procedure for further instruction. 
  4. Schools must make multiple attempts to contact students who have not made contact with the school at least once and work on 10 days whereabouts unknown. ES will contact Intervention Department on Wednesday, MS will do the same process on Thursday and HS will contact department on Friday during the week of Enrollment Count.  
  5. Mark each retained student (ES and MS only) with a flag and mark the Retain box in IC. Please see the Retained Students in IC Designation instructions.
  6. High Schools must check to ensure all grade levels and cohort grad years are corrected in IC.
  7. The AP/appropriate Admin must investigate which non-attenders must be withdrawn 10 days whereabouts unknown and relay this information to the secretary or registrar in charge of withdrawals. Check the Student Accounting Dashboard in BIG and the Consecutive Absences report in IC. Note: Enrollment Count 1  does not apply to this instruction.
  8. Counselors must ensure all students are enrolled in the correct number of courses. All students must meet the academic load. Please see the Student Gap Scheduler to find students with missing courses. Counselors can also find the See Counselor ad hoc, Off Campus ad hoc, and the Student Schedule ad hoc in the Count Day file to find students not in a full academic load.
  9. When making a schedule change Counselors must always input a schedule start date for students enrolling after the first day of school and the date must always be a day in school session. A blank schedule start date defaults for the first day of school on the Attendance Summary Report.
  10. Counselors must never delete a course unless the course was input in error and the student never attended the course.
  11. Counselors, Office staff, and Teachers must review PowerPoint.
  12. Principals must present Enrollment Counts 2020 PowerPoint to Teachers.