9.3 Remodels

A remodel modification is defined as a change to a building and or site component at a facility. If something does not exist and you would like to add it, or something exists and you would like to modify or change it, that is considered aa remodel request. If something exists but does not work correctly or is broken, that is a maintenance request.


A remodel Work Order request is generated in one manner, an ACT work order. This system automatically assigns a work order number which is used to track the status of the request to its cancellation or completion. Please take the time to completely fill out the requested information before submitting your remodel request.

Please refer to the CSI/ISO for the complete process of a Request For Remodel Procedure - This may be found at the following address http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/csi/documents/rms-p001f.pdf

Please feel free to send additional specific information regarding your request via the school mail to the attention of Capital Projects Remodel Dept., please also include the work order number on the information sheet. If you have any questions regarding the information above, feel free to contact Capital Projects Remodel Dept. at 789-3843.