9.1 New Construction

The new construction sub-division oversees just that, new construction. Beginning with meeting and coordinating with architects and engineers on the design and continuing on to working with local building departments and other jurisdictions for permitting. The process ultimately results in the bidding of the projects to result in construction and contract administration. Plant Facilities personnel work closely with Steve Williams, School Planning and Governmental Affairs Representative, who is responsible for all site acquisition, zone changes, etc., associated with real estate "site bank" and the preparation of educational specifications.


Mr. Joe Gabica, Architecture and Construction Supervisor, functions as the District's construction project manager on all new construction or major remodeling. He supervises all construction inspectors ( number varies depending on the amount of construction) and Steve Lynch CADD Drafting Technician. Whenever major building modifications are contemplated, it is Mr. Gabica's responsibility to review such plans for compliance with all building codes and regulations and to obtain all necessary building permits.