Videoconferencing Update (4/10/2020)

Dear WCSD Staff, 


The world of technology changes rapidly, so we would like to share some updated guidance regarding video meetings with students. We greatly appreciate and encourage all your efforts to communicate with students, including through technology. If you are connecting with students through video, please carefully review the information in this email and the documents linked below.


As with any digital learning tool, you should always be familiar and up to date with the capabilities of Teams and Zoom, including ways to use them that keep students safe and their information private and secure. Teams is the preferred tool. However, we know there are certain functionality differences with the two tools, and Zoom may provide better visibility for meetings with larger groups of students. While every tool has its pros and cons, using Teams has certain privacy and security advantages over other available tools. Guidance is available here: Using Microsoft Teams to Communicate with Students


Should you prefer Zoom for certain video communication, I’m sure you are aware that Zoom has changed a number of settings over the past week. We have been regularly updating the guidance on using Zoom here: Using Zoom in WCSD. When using this tool, please ensure you are following the many important considerations contained in this document to protect student privacy and security.


Finally, and importantly, we have prepared guidance on the participation of non-students in video meetings and virtual lessons. Please see these FAQs for Virtual Lessons with Students


We will continue to update this guidance to support distance learning. As you continue to communicate with students through technology, please check each of these links regularly for any changes.


Thank you, and I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


Robert C. Sidford