Mbogo Penny Drive















Dear Pleasant Valley School Community,


March is here and as many of you know we have had an ongoing partnership with Mbogo School on the Soysambu Nature preserve west of Nairobi, Kenya. More info at http://soysambuconservancy.org click on Conservation >Community>Education to see pictures of Mbogo students.


Our Penny drive will kick off on March 1st, the beginning of Reading Week, and run through March 12, the end of Spirit Week. 

Collection jars will be placed in every classroom and we invite students to bring in any spare change they are willing to donate. Participation is entirely optional. 

Every penny donated goes directly to the students and allows the headmaster/principal to provide a very basic meal at lunch time as well as basic school supplies throughout the year. This commitment started with a former Pleasant Valley student during an internship on Soysambu. Recognizing the poor conditions under which students had to learn she wanted to do something about it and the Mbogo Penny Drive was born. Thanks to the continuing commitment of our students, parents and staff we have been able to send a total of $13,100.00 over the past 9 years.


Under the present circumstance here and abroad, you may ask why not concentrate our efforts closer to home, but providing a global view for students gives a better understanding of the world we live in and issues they may have to address in their future.


Thank you (kuwashukuru) for all your support of our global outreach.