When it comes to technology, there are some inequities in our schools, how can WCSD remedy this.

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Equitable access to technology continues to be a concern across the district; some schools have one to one devices, some have a slightly higher ratio, some schools have computer labs, and some schools need to have computers refreshed because they are outdated. The development of a comprehensive Technology Strategic Plan is greatly needed in our district. We need to be sure we have a sustainable funding source as well for computer re-fresh across all of our schools. Additionally, I think we need to study a bit more as to how our current one to one schools are doing before we invest on a larger scale. We need to see how students, teachers, families, and administrators use technology in a one to one environment. We owe it to our students to be sure they are able to use technology as they leave our educational system and go into their careers, post-secondary education, or the military.