How will you improve special education support and services to schools?

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The Washoe County School District is dedicated to providing services and supports that help all of our students succeed in school. As part of our reorganization of the Office of School Leadership, I have eliminated the Office of Student Services, and created a new area superintendent position dedicated to overseeing Special Education; Ms. Jen Van Tress is in this role.  This will help to streamline our services for students with special needs and supports for our dedicated staff serving our students with special needs.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving communication with our families, students, staff, and the community, I attend meetings of the Special Education Task Force comprised of principals and the Office of School Leadership. I have attended a meeting of the Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP), a group of parents, staff members, and members of the community. Along with Ms. Van Tress, I am reviewing the WestEd report that made recommendations for improving our Special Education programs, and will review areas in which we may provide professional development for schools to further provide meaningful support for our students.

I am eager to hear from more families, special education students, and staff about ways in which we can continue to improve.