How will you work to improve employee morale?

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I know employee morale is low for a variety of reasons, and improving morale is one of our biggest challenges as a District. I think better and open communication can be a tremendous help as we work toward solutions to this challenge, and I’ve created a variety of opportunities for all of us to meet, talk, and exchange ideas and concerns.

I’m holding quarterly meetings with association leadership teams, monthly meetings with individual associations, and have launched a weekly email update to all 8,000-plus District employees. In this email, I’ve addressed some important topics for employees, such as enhancing my relationships with the association leadership and published a video on that topic. I also have discussed how employees can reach out to Labor Relations and/or Human Resources if they have an issue they don’t feel comfortable discussing with a supervisor. We also have a Whistleblower hotline in which employees can confidentially report abuse, fraud, or concerns in their department/schools. 

In addition, I have scheduled a series of five conversational meetings with staff—along with five more Community Conversations with members of the public—to ensure we are keeping the lines of communication open.

In addition, I encourage our community to email me or communicate anonymously here if they would like to express their thoughts to me directly.