Week of 10/12

Happy Sunday ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! Here is this week's schedule:
Mon: quiz/ 12 cranial nerves
Tues/Wed: Scat 5/12 cranial nerves/BESS notes and VOMS notes
Thurs/Fri: BESS and VOMS/12 cranial nerves, BESS and VOMS notes due Fri!
*Extra Credit Opportunity- with Halloween coming let's have a little sports med fun and get some extra credit! You will need to dress up as a fully labeled front and back (yes you read that right) skeleton Oct 28/29 (whichever day you are on campus)! You can purchase a skeleton outfit and write on it or you can create your own writing the bones on a blank shirt as long as it is accurate. This is a fun way to earn some credit! I will be in my labeled skeleton onsie both of those days to join in on the fun!