How Do I Know What My Student Course Grade Is?

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This link includes a video explaining the grade types. How Grading Works


Click on “My Course Info” after you login. You will see three grades. The Overall Grade is what you have earned on completed assignments. Teachers should reference this grade daily to determine whether a student is beginning to struggle with mastering the content. If this metric begins to decrease, the student is not mastering content. The Actual Grade adjusts for progress if a student is behind. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind. Assigning zeros could swing a grade dramatically depending on the weight of the uncompleted activities. The actual grade takes progress into account and shows students who are not on pace. Some teachers use this for progress reports. The Relative Grade is the grade that a student would receive if he/she stopped working and received 0% for all unfinished activities. The relative grade is the final grade in course for CR and CA course tracks.