Mendive Grief Group Starting Tuesday, September 17th

Posted by Jeremy Elsmore on 9/3/2019

Grief Group Picture

Dear Parent/Guardian,


This year us counselors will  run a support group for students. The purpose of the group is to help meet the needs of students who are grieving the loss of a loved one (does not have to be recent), death, parent incarceration, divorce, deportation, abuse, cancer, illness, and other losses in their life.  Grief support can help children and teens understand the feelings and changes brought about by a loss. Studies suggest that extra support following a loss can often help students function better at home and at school. In addition, a grief group provides a special time and place for healing and a chance to meet others that are living with loss. The sessions will be educational, fun, and appropriate for your child’s age.

The group will meet approximately two times per month during your child’s Enrichment class. The first group will begin on Tuesday Sept. 10th.  Your student will receive a pass on the day of the group and will be excused from their class.  All students attending will be expected to keep up with their school work from enrichment. .

Please feel free to contact your child’s counselor for more information at 353-5990.


Thank you,

From the Mendive Counselors

Mrs. Bertolino, Mrs. Jempsa and Mrs. Harrell