Teacher Tasks

  1. Read the teacher instructions for enrollment counts.
  2. Take attendance daily during the first fifteen minutes of class.  If there is a change after taking attendance then IC must be changed to reflect the attendance event.
  3. Take attendance accurately.
  4. Update the Chronic Absenteeism Tool in IC weekly. The purpose of the tool is to make it easy for teachers to check off Yes or No if a student that was absent completed and returned their make-up work within the timeline.
  5. Verify the Attendance Summary Reports weekly. Teacher will sign the weekly Verification Log indicating the accuracy of the ASR’s. If corrections are needed, teachers will communicate by email or print the ASR and give the appropriated personnel for correction in IC. Please read the Attendance Summary Report webpage for further instruction.
  6. Verify Sub Attendance Rosters (SARs) for each count and return to office during the first three weeks of school. Remember to cross out the name of any student who has not attended and add any student who has attended who is not on the roster.  Mark students absent who have attended your class at least one and have not transferred to another class (see instructions below).


Teacher Instructions for Enrollment Counts



Enrollment Counts PowerPoint for Teachers