Registrar/Secretary Tasks

  1. Ensure all student enrollments are designated correctly in IC.

    Start Status Designation in IC

    Enrollment Start Dates

  2. Non-SE PK students must be enrolled with Start Status E3 do not state exclude, and Service Type P: Primary. (Note: Any PK students whose SE status has changed must be withdrawn and re-enrolled with the correct start status.)
  3. No-show students who are not returning as soon as the school is notified. All no-shows must be completed within the first ten days of school. Please read the No Show Procedure for further instruction.
  4. Work with the attendance staff to find students who need to be withdrawn for whereabouts unknown. Check the Student Accounting Dashboard in BIG and the Consecutive Absences report in IC to find students with consecutive absences.
  5. Maintain withdrawal binder. Please read the Withdrawal Binder Components document .
  6. Mark each retained student (ES and MS only) with a flag and mark the Retain box in IC. Retained Student IC Designation
  7. High Schools must check to ensure all grade levels and cohort grad years are correct in IC.
  8. Print, maintain and reconcile all enrollment count reports; Master Register, Gains and Loss, NV01, and NV02.  First thing in the morning of each count, the Secretary/Registrar must run and balance all the reports listed below. Run all reports in the PDF format and verify all reports balance with each other by grade level, by gender, and by totals. Please see instructions below.

Master Register

Gain/Loss Report



Do not make any changes to any of the following fields until the enrollment count is complete. Enrollment Start Dates, Start Status, Grade Level, Ethnicity, Gender, Effective Date of Withdrawal/End Dates, Special Education status for PKs.


Enrollment Counts PowerPoint for Registrars/Secretary