Attendance Administrator Tasks

  1. The AP/Appropriate Admin must pull the classroom monitor report daily or designate someone to do it to ensure teachers are taking attendance daily starting from the first day of school. Please read the Classroom Monitor Report webpage for further instruction.
  2. Ensure calls are made daily and documented in IC on students who are absent from the first day of school. Please read the Caller Report webpage for further instruction.
  3. After the first week of school, AP/Appropriate Admin must investigate which non-attenders must be no-showed or withdrawn and relay this information to the secretary or registrar in charge of withdrawals. Check the Student Accounting Dashboard in BIG and the Consecutive Absences report in IC.
  4. Ensure teachers update the Instruction Related Activities Tracker (IRAT) by checking the Instruction Related Activities Monitor in IC.
  5. Ensure the NV Attendance Summary Report process is done throughout the school year. Starting with the third week of school, the NV Attendance Summary Reports (ASRs) must be generated and saved into the staff Share point as a PDF file. All teachers will have access to the report and must review their ASRs each week. Teacher will then sign the weekly Verification Log indicating the accuracy of the ASRs. If corrections are needed, teachers will communicate by email or print the ASR and give to the appropriate personnel for correction in IC. Please read the Attendance Summary Report webpage for further instruction and direction on making corrections on the ASRs.
  6. Ensure any student with an AEL is enrolled in Jan Evans or Home Hospital. For more information on Home Hospital, please see below.

Home Hospital PowerPoint

Home Hospital Enrollment Count Instructions

Home Hospital Parent Signature Log


Enrollment Count PowerPoint for Attendance AP