Enrollment Count Designee Tasks

  1. Thoroughly read all Enrollment Count Instructions.
  2. Coordinate and correspond with all of the different staff members to ensure each person knows what he/she is responsible for during the enrollment counts.
  3. Complete the Enrollment Count Designee Checklist for each Enrollment Count.
  4. Provide the “Teacher Instructions for Enrollment Counts" to teachers (see handout below).
  5. Provide the Scheduling Start and End Date Instructions to counselors and any other staff member who changes schedules.
  6. Provide and collect Sub Attendance Rosters to teachers for each count. Investigate each student who is crossed off the roster to see if he/she should be no-showed. Investigate each student who is written on the roster to see if he/she is in the correct class.
  7. Conduct physical head count on enrollment count 3.
  8. Email the completed worksheet for each enrollment count by the designated time, and await confirmation from Student Accounting that the school has successfully completed the count (see worksheet below).

Enrollment Count Instructions


Enrollment Count Checklist



Enrollment Count Worksheet Instructions


Enrollment Count Worksheet 2019



Sub Attendance Roster Instructions


Teacher Instructions for Enrollment Counts



Scheduling Start and End Dates



Enrollment Count PowerPoint for Designee