I want more details about an event that occurred at my child's school. Why aren't they available?

We all have a natural desire to know exactly what has happened. our first priority is to provide people with the information needed to react appropriately to an emergency in the interest of safety. WCSD will always do our best to provide as complete of a picture as possible however in some cases information must be limited.

One example of why detailed information may not be available is due to the privacy rights of students, staff, or victims of crime. For example, if Student A is having a severe tantrum that includes the destruction of property or a physical altercation, the school may choose to enter into a Precautionary Code Yellow lockdown. Student A will now face disciplinary action as a result of his/her behavior. Disciplinary records are protected by the  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law that ensures the privacy of students and families.

WCSD employees are legally prohibited from sharing any information about the disciplinary issue with that student. Parents will be notified about the precautionary code yellow lockdown, however, details of the cause of the lockdown cannot be shared.

We encourage you to bring questions, concerns, and recommendations about lockdowns with your school’s administrative staff.