39 WCSD Schools Will Offer Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Students in 2019-2020 School Year

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39 WCSD Schools Will Offer Free Breakfast and

Lunch for All Students in 2019-2020 School Year


Reno, NV (August 9, 2019) – The Washoe County School District (WCSD) will offer free breakfasts and lunches to all students at 39 schools beginning this fall, regardless of their family income, thanks to the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Under the CEP, schools in high-poverty areas will offer breakfast and lunch to all students at no charge, and without the burden of collecting and processing school meal applications. According to the USDA, schools that implement this program experience great success, ease the administrative burden, improve efficiency, decrease the stigma of receiving free meals, and increase participation in their school meal programs.


“We have increased the number of schools offering these free meals across the board this year from 24 to 39 schools,” said Interim WCSD Superintendent Dr. Kristen McNeill. “We know that when students are hungry, they are not learning as well as they could. We want all of our students—no matter what challenges their families are facing—to be able to make the most of their educational opportunities. This is part of our District’s ongoing efforts to help our students succeed.”


“This program now located at 39 of our schools will allow students to spend less time in line and more time eating the nutritious meals we provide to them,” said Lianka Soliz, director of the WCSD Nutrition Services Department. “This will also reduce the amount of paperwork we deal with, and there will be no need to track unpaid meal charges. We are thrilled to offer this program at more of our schools, because we know how important good nutrition is for our students.”


Nearly 20,000 students will be impacted by the program at the 39 designated schools, which include the following elementary schools:

  • Lemmon Valley
  • Drake
  • Alice Smith
  • Stead
  • Dodson
  • Veterans Memorial
  • Palmer
  • Desert Heights
  • Greenbrae 
  • Lincoln Park 
  • Picollo 
  • Bennett
  • Elmcrest
  • Maxwell 
  • Sun Valley 
  • Kate Smith 
  • Corbett
  • Cannan 
  • Loder 
  • Anderson 
  • Smithridge 
  • Mathews 
  • Allen 
  • Duncan 
  • Booth
  • Lemelson
  • Mitchell 
  • Warner 
  • Natchez 
  • Risley


Middle schools include:

  • Sparks 
  • Vaughn 
  • Dilworth 
  • Traner


High schools include: 

  • Hug
  • Inspire 
  • Turning Point


Charter schools include: 

  • Mariposa 
  • Bailey


Free- and reduced meals will remain available at all WCSD schools, and the District encourages any family in need to apply for those benefits also.


For more information, visit the WCSD Nutrition Services Department at https://www.washoeschools.net/domain/69.



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