Statement from the Washoe County School District

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Victoria Campbell



Statement from the Washoe County School District

Tuesday, February 5


The Washoe County School District prides itself on being responsive to our students, families, staff members, and our community. We teach our students to listen and learn, and we strive always to model that behavior in all of our work. We are continually refining our processes and striving to improve our service to our families, and we appreciate their partnership and feedback.


In the past, our District heard complaints from families and staff members who opposed a “one size fits all” approach to weather-related delays and Digital School Days, due to the fact that weather conditions can differ greatly in the 6,300 square miles in which our students and families live and employees work.


As a result of these complaints, we created and implemented a regional approach to designating Digital School Days and two-hour delays. We did so because we sincerely believed that this approach would alleviate their concerns and counter their criticisms.


We acknowledge that the system does not meet the needs of students, families, and staff members in a District of our size once we implemented the system for the first time today.


Because we are a continuous learning and listening organization, we have reassessed the situation and decided to immediately return to the original District-wide approach of implementing Digital School Days or two-hour delays.


In the future, we will use the notification system to which our students, families, and staff members are accustomed to declare District-wide weather-related changes in schedules.



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