What does an inventory consist of? (click here)

Inventories are scheduled in advance by the Property Control Clerk. Inventories are conducted after school is released as not to disturb the learning process. Each school is inventoried every other year. Inventories are conducted to maintain a current list of assets in the schools. Inventories consist of a bulk count of furniture, including tables, chairs (metal, student and teacher), desks (student and teacher), file and storage cabinets. We also track assets that have WCSD tags. This includes: computers or printers with a value of $1000 or more, activboards, audio enhancement systems, and other equipment with a value of $1000 or more.

After the initial inventory, a list of assets that were not located is sent to the principal for assistance in locating. When the list is returned to the Property Control Clerk the inventory information is uploaded into a database. Complete lists of found and missing assets are sent to the principal at this time.

Missing assets that are not located after 2 bi-annual inventories are removed from the site or department's inventory.

Sites should report any stolen assets to School Police and Risk Management.