How do I get surplus assets removed from my inventory? (click here)

How do I get surplus computer items removed from my inventory and picked up from my site?
A Relocation Request(WHS-F401) must be completed and submitted to the Warehouse. Follow the instructions provided on the form. To complete the form you will need the tag number, make, model, serial number and if the equipment is operational or not. Once the form is completely filled out email to Warehouse and Julie Butler. Items are picked up as the Warehouse schedule permits.

Materials Distribution Center Relocation Request

Computer items are currently being stored at the Edison warehouse until they are recycled. Use the above procedure for any and all computer items including; scanners, printers, monitors and CPU's. NO computer items can be thrown away at your site. They are considered hazardous and must be disposed of or recycled using correct procedures.

How do I get non-computer surplus items removed from my inventory and my site?

All requests for equipment pick up can be made to Property Control via e-mail. Property Control will only handle district equipment and donated computers. We cannot process the disposal of basic office supplies or books. District equipment in good useable condition will be placed back into other schools or departments for further use. Many broken items can be thrown away at your site, but please check with Property Control before disposing of any district equipment.

If Property Control approves of the disposal of an item at your site please be sure to remove the tag from the equipment and send it to Property Control. 

DO NOT throw away any hazardous items. These include refrigerators, any computer items, TV's, and copiers. Equipment Repair is often able to part out old copiers, so please contact them when you have one that needs to be removed.

Can I just drop off my surplus items at any time?
No. Property Control and Surplus are not located in the same building. A relocation request form must be filled out and submitted to the Warehouse. The Warehouse will schedule an appointment to remove the surplus assets from your site.

How can I get surplus items for my site?
Surplus furniture and equipment can now be ordered just like general supplies on the BusinessPlus system.  Click here to see the job aid for this type of order.  If you would like to check availability before you create your order, run the DW4001 Inventory Information report, found on your BusinessPLUS dashboard.  If quantity available is zero, please check back later.  If product is available, continue with your order.  The Surplus Property Catalog is also on the Warehouse webpage under Warehouse Catalogs.