How do I request/receive an asset tag?

How can I request an asset tag for my equipment?

A tag can be requested by phone or by e-mail. Contact Property Control at 789-4613 or e-mail (preferred method). A Washoe County School District purchase order number or PCard receipt is required when requesting an asset tag. If a tag is being requested for a donated asset, a letter of donation which includes a description of the asset, serial number, and estimated value of the asset is required.

What items are issued asset tags?

All equipment purchased using a WCSD purchase order or PCard, with a purchase price of $1000. or more must be tagged. A purchase using a WCSD purchase order ensures that the equipment meets district guidelines and standards. The equipment will also then be tracked for insurance purposes. Tech items such as computers, iPads, and tablets must receive an asset tag regardless of price. Computers, iPads, and tablets $500 and above will receive an “A” tag. Computers, iPads, and tablets under $500, as well as printers under $1000 will receive a “T” tag. The “T” tag allows the device to be placed on the district network, however, the device is not inventoried by Property Control and MUST be tracked by the site. Donated items can be tagged with donation tags. To receive a donation tag Property Control needs a copy of a letter from the donor. The letter should state exactly what is being donated, including make, model and serial number, and also the approximate value of the donated item. The donor MUST sign the letter of donation. A green donation tag will then be issued for the equipment. When using Student Activity Funds to purchase equipment a check must be sent into the business office along with the ‘R' or WCSD PO number. The check is then deposited into your sites account. A school purchase order number is not accepted when requesting a tag.