Policy 7300, Risk Management



The Board of Trustees recognizes that the aim of risk management is not to eliminate risk totally, but rather to provide the structural means to identify, prioritize and manage the risks involved in all District activities. It requires a balance between the cost of managing and treating risks, and the anticipated benefits that will be derived. This policy seeks to address unanticipated and unintended losses to human resources, financial assets, and property without unnecessarily limiting the activities that advance the District’s missions and goals. 


1.    Safety

a.    It is the intent of the Washoe County School District to make every effort that is reasonable to minimize accidents to students, employees, and the general public while on school district property. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide and maintain safe conditions of operation, both in the physical plant and equipment. Safe practices shall be adhered to in all matters of instruction, both of students and employees.

b.    The various divisions and departments shall be aware that it is necessary, from time to time, to gather data which will be useful in creating a safer environment and in providing a basis for corrective action.

2.    Risk Control

a.    The District shall establish, implement and follow processes and procedures to assist staff in minimizing exposure to risk, including:

                                     i.    Avoiding exposure to accidental loss by not undertaking functions, contracts, programs or activities where the potential loss is greater than the potential benefit to be derived from these undertakings;

                                           ii.    Preventing loss by identifying loss exposures and implementing policies and procedures to reduce the risk of these losses occurring

                                             iii.    Transferring risk through third party waivers, hold harmless agreements and vendor contracting;

                                             iv.    Transferring risk through personal liability, health, travel and life insurance;

                                            v.    Preventing/controlling risk through training and supervision; and

                                       vi.    Analyzing risk in a manner that considers the District as a whole, and not just by its individual schools and departments.

3.    Review / Assessment of Risk

a.    The following areas will be regularly reviewed and assessed to ensure that departmental procedures conform to Board policy and administrative regulations: Risk Management, Emergency Management, Occupational Health & Safety, and Public Safety.

b.    Ongoing risk assessments will be conducted to ensure that procedures adhere to Board policy and administrative regulations. These assessments will include school activities, as well as off-campus activities, student travel, and internships.

c.    Staff are responsible for ensuring that District programs and activities are conducted in a manner that considers the risk of loss or injury. The Risk Manager will assist administrators to identify risks, perform analyses of the frequency and severity of potential risks, select the best techniques to manage risk, implement appropriate risk management techniques and staffing standards, and monitor, evaluate and document results. Resource issues related to the participation by schools and departments will be addressed.

4.    Risk and Safety Committee

a.    The Risk Management Safety Committee is involved in maintaining the risk management policy. The committee, chaired by the Risk Manager, will meet periodically to consider matters involving risk and safety. Committee members are responsible for providing advice and information within their program areas to ensure the full performance of risk management functions. 

5.    Insurance Coverage

a.    The Washoe County School District shall maintain insurance coverage to adequately protect the properties and interests of the school district and shall provide liability insurance coverage for members of the Board of Trustees and all employees of the school district while acting within the scope of their duties as such.

    1. The Superintendent, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Risk Manager shall establish proper procedures for administering the insurance program.


1.    Risk is defined as the possibility of suffering harm or loss.

2.    Liability is defined as something for which one is obliged or responsible for.


1.    This policy and its associated administrative regulation(s) shall provide a consistent risk management framework in which the risks concerning the processes and functions of the District will be identified, considered and addressed in approval, review and control processes.

2.    Through this policy, the District shall meet legal or statutory requirements.

3.    This policy shall encourage pro-active, rather than re-active management.


  1. This policy reflects the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan.
  2. This policy aligns with the District’s governing documents.
  3. This policy complies with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), to include:
    1. Chapter 616A - 616D, Industrial Insurance.


  1. This document shall be reviewed as part of the bi-annual review and reporting process, following each regular session of the Nevada Legislature. The Board of Trustees shall receive notification of any required changes to the policy as well as an audit of the accompanying governing documents.
  2. Administrative regulations, and/or other associated documents, will be developed as necessary to implement this policy.
  3. On an annual basis, the Board of Trustees shall receive a Risk Management Report.


 Adopted on February 24, 2015