Policy 7086, School Closure




  1. The Board of Trustees has the primary responsibility to operate the facilities of the District in an effective and fiscally efficient manner while maintaining the highest levels of academic opportunities for all students in a safe, comfortable and supportive educational atmosphere.
  2. In fulfilling this responsibility there may at times be conditions requiring the Board to consider the closure or consolidation of a school including:  declining enrollment; age and/or physical condition of the school facility which impacts annual operating costs and/or the cost to bring a school up to current educational building facility standards; changing the use of a school; changing the location of a school.  As a result, the Board may wish to consider the closure or consolidation of one or more schools to better meet the educational and fiscal goals of the District.  Closure consideration due to a school’s academic performance shall be addressed under a separate policy.
  3. The Board recognizes that the permanent closure of a school is a difficult proposition for the students, parents, neighborhood and staff of the school.  The Board shall give due consideration to all of the pertinent facts and outcomes associated with the possible closure of a school and involve the community in each phase of the closure consideration process while maintaining compliance with adopted District procedures and applicable sections of the Nevada Revised Statutes.


  1. This policy reflects the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan.
  2. This policy complies with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 241, Meetings of State and Local Agencies.
  3. This policy complies with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 393, School Property, and specifically:
    1. NRS 393.080, General powers of board of trustees; notice required to close school or change location or use of school.
    2. NRS 393.085, Decision to close or change use of school: Hearing for reconsideration by board of trustees; judicial review.


Last revision: May 7, 2012