Policy 1321, Participation by School Groups in Public Events



The Board of Trustees (“Board”) values the partnership and collaboration that exists between of the Washoe County School District (“District”) and the families and community it serves.  Participation by students and student groups in public events is encouraged to enhance that relationship provided that there is no conflict that would be harmful to the normal educational routine.  Students gain valuable experience when they share their talents and skills with the community, in public performances and activities outside of the school setting.


1.  Guiding Principles

a.  This policy applies to District-sanctioned intra- and extra-curricular activities and student groups, clubs, and organizations.  Student groups, as referenced in this policy, include but are not limited to choirs, bands, cheerleading squads, and JROTC groups that are performing or participating in the name of the school or the District. 

i.  This policy does not apply to District-sanctioned athletic teams which are subject to Board Policy 5340, District-Sanctioned Interscholastic Athletics, any associated documents of the District, and the regulations of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association.

b.  The District supports participation by school groups in public events when the event/activity:

i.    Constitutes learning experiences that contribute to the educational program;

ii.    Does not unduly interfere with other scheduled activities of the school;

iii.    The health, safety, and well-being of students are not threatened; and

iv.    There is no exploitation of students.

2.  Guiding Practices

a.  Requests for public performances and/or participation by students within Washoe County require the approval of the principal.  Requests for public performances and/or participation by students outside of Washoe County require the approval of the principal and the area superintendent.

b. School groups may, with the permission of the principal, participate in public events in the following classifications:

i.    Events sponsored by the District;

ii.    Community functions organized in the interests of the District or a school;

iii.    Non-commercial civic occasions of the community, county, state, or national interest;

iv.    Events that are primarily patriotic in nature;

v.    Charity benefit activities, provided that the activity has been specifically approved by the superintendent or designee in advance;

vi.    Programs sponsored by established character-building agencies, or programs sponsored jointly by the schools and mass communication media where the time and/or space given to the programs are of a public service nature.

c.  School groups may not participate in the following events without the express permission of the superintendent or his/her designee:

i.    Events that are for the purpose of private gain or for advertising of any commercial project or product. A school name, the names of school-sponsored groups, or school equipment shall not be exploited in events of a commercial nature;

ii.    Events that promote any political campaign or candidate;

iii.    Events that primarily further a sectarian concern;

iv.    Events that cause an undue or excessive amount of disruption or interference with the regular school program; and/or

v.    Events that would violate any policy or regulation of the District.

d.  The Superintendent may create appropriate administrative regulations and procedures to provide guidance for school groups appearing at public events.  These shall include, but not be limited to:

i.    District procedures related to student activities and activity trips.  See Administrative Manual 5310, Student Travel.

e. Student appearances shall comply with other policies and regulations of the District.


1.    Through this policy and any accompanying governing documents:

a.    The District shall build and maintain positive relationships with the Washoe County Community and other organizations that may be outside of Washoe County.

b.    The students of the Washoe County School District shall have the opportunity to gain a richness of experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting.


1.  This policy reflects the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan and aligns/complies with the governing documents of the District, to include:

a. Board Policy 5300, Student Activities

b. Board Policy 1310, Political Activity in Schools

c. Administrative Regulation 1321, Participation by School Groups in Public Events

d. Administrative Manual 5310, Student Travel


1. This document shall be reviewed as part of the bi-annual review and reporting process, following each regular session of the Nevada Legislature.  The Board of Trustees shall receive notification of any required changes to the policy as well as an audit of the accompanying governing documents.

2. Administrative regulations, and/or other associated documents, will be developed as necessary to implement this policy.

Revised August 28, 2018