Policy 1140, Distribution and Display of Information and Materials to Students and Staff



The Board of Trustees (“Board”) seeks to ensure disruption to student instructional time is minimized, while optimally utilizing the limited resources of the Washoe County School District (“District”).  Although the District desires to collaborate with the community to encourage opportunities for participation by youth in activities and events, the Board recognizes the increased availability in communication methods, particularly through social media, for such businesses, entities, organizations, and others to communicate such opportunities.  This policy seeks to describe the Board’s intention to limit the distribution and/or display of information and/or materials to students and/or staff by external organizations.


1.  Governing Principles

a.  The Board recognizes that disruptions to instructional time result in an interruption of student learning time.  Such disruptions, through the resulting strain on staff time, create a drain on the District’s limited resources. 

b.    Information and/or materials shall not be sold, circulated, distributed, or posted on any District premises by any District employee, volunteer, student, or by persons or groups not associated with the District, except in accordance with District policies and regulations.  This includes distribution through the District’s electronic mail (email) system and any District or school sponsored websites or social media sites.

c.    Neither the Board nor the District shall be responsible for, nor shall the Board or the District endorse, the contents of any non-school literature distributed on any District properties or at District-sanctioned or recognized activities or events.

d.  This policy does not apply to materials distributed under the supervision of instructional personnel as part of instructional programming or other authorized classroom or District-sanctioned or recognized activities.

2.  Governing Practices

a.  Distribution/Display of Information/Materials

i.    Students.  Distribution of information and/or materials to students, or through students to parents/guardians or the community shall be limited to the following:

1.    Information/materials related to District- or school-sanctioned or recognized activities or programs that originate from a District department, school, or school program;

2.    Information/materials approved by the principal or designated site administrator that offer a legitimate pedagogical purpose, which is an extra learning activity or opportunity that is legitimately tied to a school’s curriculum and/or programming;

3.    Information/materials from a school’s parent-teacher organization or booster club.  For the purposes of this policy, such groups are not considered external organizations when the information/materials shall have a direct benefit to the school or school program; and/or

4.    Information/materials concerning District/school fundraising programs and projects.   Fundraising organizations must also receive prior approval through the District’s Purchasing Department.

ii.    Staff.  Distribution of information and/or materials to staff shall be limited to the following:

1.    Information/materials related to District- or school-sanctioned or recognized activities or programs. 

2.    Information/materials related to a benefit or privilege extended to District staff.   

b.  Posting of Community/Public Notices

i.    Posting of agendas and meeting announcements by local government agencies and other groups in accordance with Nevada’s Open Meeting Law do not require approval.

ii.    Upon request by the governing agency or other entity, such notices shall be posted in the Welcome Center of the District’s Central Administration Building and/or in the area designated by the site administrator of a specific District property.

c.  The Superintendent shall cause to be created any necessary administrative regulations and procedures related to the distribution and/or display of information and/or materials to or through students, to or through staff, and the posting of public notices.  Those documents shall include, but not be limited to, guidelines and protocols related to the distribution and/or display of information and/or materials to students or staff, and the review and approval process for such materials and information.

d.    The District reserves the right to refuse to distribute materials considered offensive or inappropriate to include, but not limited to: Materials containing obscene, profane, pornographic, or libelous images and/or statements; references to alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances; materials advocating violence; materials advocating discrimination or harassment, particularly against ethnic, religious, racial, or other protected groups; or materials promoting activities that could interfere with the normal operation of the school or the rights of others.


1.    The terms “sanctioned” and “recognized” refer to programs, activities, teams, and/or events that have characteristics to include, but are not limited to, the following:

a.    are recognized and approved by the District;

b.    are supervised and managed by District-approved personnel;

c.    are composed of members of the current student body, to include a dual enrolled or private, charter or home-schooled student that is legitimately enrolled in the school; and

d.    Comply with all policies, regulations and rules of the District.

2.    The term “non-sanctioned” refers to activities, teams, organizations, and/or events that are not controlled or managed by the District and do not have open access to District resources, to include funding.  These activities may include, but are not limited to:

a.    Organizations, activities, and/or teams run by individuals who are employed by the District but such organizations, activities, and/or teams are independent from the District.  Although the individual may be employed by the District and he/she may pay to use District facilities, his/her independent activities are not considered by the District to be part of the course and scope of his/her employment with the District; and/or

b.    Organizations, activities, and/or teams independent from the District wherein many students of the same school participate in such opportunities, but the participation is not offered or sanctioned by the District and/or is not directly tied to a student’s enrollment in a District school.



1.    Through this policy, the District seeks to:


a.    Inform the community of its intent related to the distribution of materials to students and through students to their parents/guardians and the community; and


b.    Support staff by limiting non-school related interruptions.




1. This policy reflects the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan and aligns with the governing documents of the District, to include:


a. Administrative Regulation 1141, Distribution of Information Through Students


b. Board Policy 1310, Political Activity in Schools, and the associated governing documents


2. This policy complies with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), to include:


a. Chapter 281A, Ethics in Government


3. This policy complies with Federal laws and regulations, to include:


a. Equal Access Act of 1984, 20 U.S.C. § 4071


b. Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, 20 U.S.C. § 7905


i. Section 9525 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by Section 901 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (the Boy Scouts Act),




1.  This document shall be reviewed as part of the bi-annual review and reporting process, following each regular session of the Nevada Legislature.  The Board of Trustees shall receive notification of any required changes to the policy as well as an audit of the accompanying governing documents.


2.  Administrative regulations, and/or other associated documents, will be developed as necessary to implement this policy.




Revised November 27, 2018