School Start Updates

COVID 19 Updates (8/3/2020)

The TMCC campus is closed to the Plubic(At this time the College is looking to open on August 10, 2020. However, that date is subject to change). To contact school, please email us at


As you have heard, this past Tuesday the WCSD School Board voted to reaffirm their previously announced plans for starting school on August 17th, implementing a hybrid learning model at the secondary level. The approved model has students physically attending class every other day. For TMCC HS this translates to students physically attending their high school classes every other class. In addition, students will attend their college classes in the format designated on their college schedule (can be viewed in MyTMCC portal, see my previous communication for further details).

Physically attending high school classes every other class means that students will physically attend class one or two days a week, alternating each week. For example, if a student normally attends high school classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday, they will attend on Monday and Friday one week, and on Wednesday the next week. This would alternate each week, thus keeping our class sizes at roughly 50% capacity. This will work the same way for students who normally attend classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

When physically attending classes students will be REQUIRED to wear face masks and our community will follow the social distancing guidelines as mandated by the school district and the TMCC campus.

On days when students are not physically attending class, they will be provided distance learning materials to complete at home. For this hybrid model, our curriculum and distance learning assignments will continue to be designed and implemented by our TMCC HS teachers.

If you are a family who has selected full distance learning at this time, then there will be some significant differences. The school district’s full distance learning platform is Edgenuity. Students will be enrolled in Edgenuity for their core high school courses. TMCC HS teachers will monitor student progress but will not be providing direct instruction for these courses. Enrichment, Support, and Running Start courses will be facilitated digitally by TMCC HS teachers.  One advantage for students is Edgenuity courses are more self-paced and do not have set times students are required to meet virtually with teachers. 


*Starting July 12, 2020 - The Parr/Dandini Blvd Bridge will be Closed. You will need to use Clear Acre Lane to Access TMCC. This project will conclude in November. 


Please continue to check the TMCC and/or TMCC HS websites for any further updates.